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Making of a Murder (Netflix)

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yeah, fuck 'Serial' podcast: this is unreal and the documented footage they had stored up is crazy.
It's FAR more enraging.
this and 'the Jinx' were pleasant surprises...and both paint clear pictures of someone who is guilty as fuck (the Jinx) and someone who is innocent/framed ('Making of a Murderer')

all 10 episodes are available

1st episode available on Youtube...


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listened to a LOT of podcasts that were commenting on this...

-Bill Simmons had a little bit
-FilmDrunk Frotcast had an hour on it
-Opie & Jim Norton (available in podcast form) had 80 minutes. They focused a LOT on what was left out by the documentary. You could sense that a bit (particularly when Brendan's cousin showed up to testify out of leftfield)

Jim Norton joking about the nephew and how he deserved to be in jail because he was such a dunce made me laugh.

I'd say this...

-I don't know if Steve Avery committed the murder
-...but there's a 100% chance that the local police framed, manipulated, and fucked up the case. Even if facts are being left out, that is obvious
-Ken Kratz is awful...but there's a shit ton of other people too
-Steve Avery's family: very 'simple' people, stupid. Some I didn't care for, but I found them sympathetic. Liked the dad the most. Ugly, ugly looking family
-Brendan Dassey, the nephew, is the one I felt the most anger for (episode 4). I don't think he had any involvement. He got fucked and that's who I feel the absolute worst for.

As a result, Avery/Dassey should NOT be in jail. They are not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Which sucks to say, because there's a decent chance Steve Avery was involved...but the documentary sounds like it left out how shady the rest of Avery's family is and their sexual assault history (not to say Steve Avery didn't have his own issues that were troubling to say the least)

Dan Wetzel did 2 long posts on Tumblr...

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Finally finished this last week. At least twice an episode I would just throw my arms up in disgust. Obviously, this is a one-sided documentary, but there just seems to be enough here to cast reasonable doubt on both of them.

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