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Oculus Rift

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I got my Oculus Rift yesterday and it is cool as shit. The best part is how well it is designed. It's like a super good looking product that even the box it came in impressed me. Yeah I know I'm complimenting a box right now, but that's just how cool it was. I'm actually really impressed by how professional it all is. I feel like I've just purchased a new console, because Oculus Home is really well designed and the games are all really top level. I feel like everything I buy has the Nintendo Seal of Approval (up to and including a pointless friends online system mind you). And Lucky's Tale really helps with that. It's a Mario style platformer, and it actually works so incredibly well. And the best part is just the design of the actual headset. I keep slipping it on and off like a baseball cap because it's so easy and so comfortable. It never feels like a burden to get started playing. You pop it on and it pushes you right into Oculus Home. Really good shit.


Yeah anyway, I'm so glad this dropped after all these years. I've stopped gaming for ages, but I just love this thing. The short animated VR movies are really impressive too, and the 360 videos aren't bad either. So excited to see what people do with this. I can't see myself going back to normal games for a while; though I would absolutely love to see GTA or something like that in this.


Anyway yeah that's it. Get a chance to try it out or buy it. I haven't had a chance to show anybody else yet but I'm seriously excited. My friend got a job at Facebook and possibly Oculus, and he hasn't had a chance to try out a VR headset at all so I can't wait to see his reaction. And I can't wait for E3 next week to see what Oculus announce.

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