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Does anybody want to blog/write?

Boreds Blog   5 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you write on the blog?

  2. 2. Blog as main page, or sub page?

    • Make the blog the main page
    • make it a sub page eg.

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I've been thinking setting up a boreds blog we can all write on for practice, fun, or just bullshitting, and then moving the message boards to a subfolder or something. All this place has become is just a few topics, here or there, talking to ourselves, and rarely responding and commenting on other people's comments. The few people who still come around here might get more out of it then leaving a random post here once a week/month or so. I'm not expecting the blog to get any views, but maybe it gives you a place to put down your writing.

Should I make the blog the homepage of theboreds and link to the message boards, or keep the message boards up front and link to the blog?

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