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the Gaslight Anthem

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My favorite band for the last 2 years. Haven't been able to take them out of the CD player for that long. I usually just ride these things out when I get these deep into shit I like. American Slang is my favorite album of the year.

3. The Chuck/Brian record, what's up?

We're going on tour for a month in Oct. and I hope to write all the songs with Chuck on that tour.

^Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) and Brian Fallon (singer/guitarist) are recording an album together.

Gaslight Anthem & Thrice covering "the Weight" by the Band

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In honor of Fake Problems new CD, they covered "Songs for Teenagers",45497/

Cover of Fake Problems

Big ups to donwayneleach for letting me know that they released a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Tumbling Dice".

Go to the YSI section for that one, it's good.

I knew about their b-side "She Loves You" since it was available almost instantly.

^covering Lightning Dust's "Antonia Jane"

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covering Kelly Clarkson's "I do not hook up

Covering my favorite song by the Clash (he has a tattoo of Joe Strummer on his left forearm)

Covering the Who's "Baba O'Riley" at Carnegie Hall in the middle of finishing up AMERICAN SLANG

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Probably for only the obsessed to hear, but I LOVE hearing about how they were influenced by the way the Rolling Stones play, Beatles & fame, Bob Dylan, Brooklyn, the National, and how Fallon’s goal is to write 40 songs in the next 2 years and how he's thinking about a song to play for an arena (HINT: they're going big on the next album) and that he wants to shoot for a Neil Young or Pearl Jam sounding song. His Neil Young meets the Who song idea is something I’m looking forward to….then it’s hilarious how he brings up getting called out for being like or ripping off whatever Springsteen does.

^it’s a 3-part interview. The guy interviewed him before, so it’s fun to hear them banter.

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From Brian Fallon's blog

...Dire Straits... best band no body talks about. When we start writing our new record, which should be around the 1st of the year or so, I'm thinking of really taking Dire Straits and the blues much more seriously. I think there's been a lack in blues music's updating for the last few years. There was Jack White, which was cool, but I think I'd like to hear blues songs with chorus's. That might be my new goal. Which kinda reminds me that Mark Knopfler was a genius and people don't say that enough. If you're looking for some new music this year, I suggest you check out his new record. It's called Get Lucky. I love it. And also check out "On Every Street, So Far Away, and Romeo and Juliette" by Dire Straits...

They're already working on a new record?


...and they're going for a more blues-y sound possibly.

I'm not a Dire Straits fan at all.

But the Killers did a great job covering "Romeo and Juliet"

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Brian Fallon's side project THE HORRIBLE CROWES releases preview track

Sounds very different

Album: ELSIE (September 6th)

PRODUCED BY: Ted Hutt (Gaslight Anthem; Bouncing Souls; Against Me!)...even plays for the album

He's very influenced by Tom Waits, Mark Lannegan, Nick Cave, and the Afghan Whigs on this one

The interesting thing said in the article is this...

Fallon's new project doesn't mean Gaslight Anthem have called it quits — the group has a string of European festival dates this summer and he adds that the band's next record will hew closer to their breakthrough, The '59 Sound. "It's all about knowing your audience," says Fallon. "When I buy a record by a band and it sounds completely different, I'm just like, 'Why didn't you change your band name?'"


1. Last Rites

2. Sugar

3. Behold The Hurricane

4. I Witnessed A Crime

5. Go Tell Everybody

6. Cherry Blossoms

7. Ladykiller

8. Crush

9. Mary Ann

10. Black Betty & The Moon

11. Blood Loss

12. I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together

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The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon dedicated "Meet Me By the River's Edge": "This song was always a nod to Springsteen... the song's about keeping on, so this one's for Clarence right now."

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how anyone buys into this complete crap is beyond me. these guys are shitty bubblegum rock with raspy vocal. this is basically the "indie" nickelback, you guys just dont realize it. the difference is i can get through a full nickelback song without turning it off.

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Nickelback is influenced by Bruce?

Lame joke, but that's typical.

I'd say don't take anything Zac takes seriously.

He's either a troll that takes nothing seriously or it's the musings of a guy that smears shit on walls.

Just put him on Ignore like I have for the last 3-5 years I've posted on here.

other bands that try to sound like Bruce: Against Me!; the Killers; Hold Steady; Arcade Fire; Lucero; Foo Fighters

I like all these bands.

Nobody comes close to doing it better than the Gaslight Anthem and they're the band that Bruce & gang have backed the hardest.

I don't think the other guys nail the spirit/romanticism of Bruce as well as the Gaslight Anthem does only all the time.

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Based on the radio songs that I've been subjected to, yeah.

It's really hard to say that they're a band that's influenced by Bruce when you can pick apart so many other ones that wear the Bruce influence on their sleeves.

There's just no comparison to make.

The Gaslight Anthem is a respected band by very respected bands:

-Hot Water Music (solo shows + possibly making a record down the line with Chuck Ragan)

-Lawrence Arms

-Bruce Springsteen (Bruce played with them onstage & even had Brian on stage to sing on "No Surrender" & it comes up on the DVD)

-Bouncing Souls

-Social Distortion

-Fake Problems

-Pearl Jam

If they were the 'indie Nickelback', then they'd be called out for being shit by now.

So at least they're not another mediocre bullshit Alt Press band where the only publication that will give them any press whatsoever is a magazine that does a write-up on 200 different bullshit bands in each magazine they put out.

Their success is happening pretty organically.

They're not shooting to fame fast (the way the Killers seemed to with the 'garage' bands like the Strokes or the White Stripes or the Vines)

That nickleback comparison was pretty lame. We all know both bands try to sound like bruce springstein and the jew street band.

...and this 'joke' wasn't 'lame' too?

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