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the Gaslight Anthem

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new album came out and it's solid....Unable to go to show tonight, couldn't get it off work. Bummer, but oh well.

Lot of Tom Petty, Bruce

got good reviews from AbsolutePunk: 9.0

AV Club: B+

I could see him doing better on his next solo effort.

"Among Other Foolish Things"
kind  of a burn on Beatles' 'Love is All You Need'; feels like a Frank Turner song so much.

I like the original versions of 'Red Lights' and 'Long Drives' as played by Molly and the Zombies; they purposely changed it up for this album...but eh, prefer it the other way. But the other versions are still out there. I'd just rather have that.

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^yeah, I'm digging it. Not blown away either, but it's solid.
"Rosemary" and "Among Other Foolish Things" are the ones I return to most after the first couple listens. 
'Rosemary' is the most Gaslight-ish song.
'Mojo Hand' is blues-y and kind of Beatles-y. The song title is a reference to Muddy Waters, I believe.

Still waiting for the B-Sides to come out. People that have listened to it are bummed 'Low Love' and 'Georgia' were left off; and 'Georgia' they are playing live at every show they've been at.

the criticism I always hear is that Brian's voice will always sound Gaslight-y and you can't mistake that. To that, I say listen to 'Elsie', which is the best record after '59 Sound'. Live record of 'Elsie' is a fun one. At the same time, the people who will criticize him and his lyrics 'same'-y ness will say that he 100% sings what he means with a conviction. That's what I dig.

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Yeah, it's a lazy criticism I hear.

For instance, I've had multiple friends who are PASSIVE fans of Gaslight (having only liked 'the 59 Sound'). When they heard the first single for Horrible Crowes' 'Behold the Hurricane' they all said, 'yeah, it sounds EXACTLY like a Gaslight song' and then didn't bother checking out the rest of the record...where it's the most wildly different, moody record he's done. The singles are misleading, in ways.

It's real fun to look at this record as what Brian WOULD have wrote after 'Handwritten' if he were not in the Gaslight Anthem. I think he might have wrote this anyway and was holding back somewhat. The flaw with Gaslight is they can't harmonize and nobody in the band can really sing but him...and here, you do have backing singers.

Get Hurt was disliked by fans/critics. I mean, I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not cohesive and the middle part sags...but you can look at tiny references from 'Get Hurt' ('I heard they never bleed' when he's singing about moving to California) and then in the new record there's 'Among Other Foolish Things' where he is now living in California and feels foolish for not wanting to bleed. It's fun to hear that in some songs.


Guess here's some b-sides...
'Georgia' and 'Low Love' can be heard on Youtube in live versions

acoustic version of 'Rosemary'...



'Georgia' is raw/rock...sound quality isn't the best, but you get the gist.

and 'Low Love' full band live


also from the show last night that I missed in Boston...

^emerging as a favorite.
In the beginning of the song, he mentions the venue turning into a disco afterwards. Lot of shows at the Royale begin/end early.
So Thrice mainly played at the Royale their past couple tours. And every time they played, they would end early...and the people dressed up waiting to get in to dance? Funny/weird to see. Wildly different.

'Honey Magnolia' is emerging as a favorite of mine.

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