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Pretty fucking funny. Its a lot smarter than the shitty trailers would lead you to believe too (I didn't know Paul Feig from Freaks and Geeks fame had directed this beforehand). Its a quality send up of action movies and a really good feminist flick in a year full of strong feminist action movies (Mad Max, Ex Machina). I think Jason Statham's overly cocky character is the best part of the movie, but Rose Byrne also does a great job in it too (now I really need to finally check out Neighbors, since she was also funny in Get Him to the Greek too).



I've been staying in shitty motels for work lately, so I've basically just watched whatevers been on the HBO channels, and I watched this from start to finish for the first time since I was a kid. I cannot get over how freaking amazing this movie was. It is brilliant on so many different levels, and its scary how so many of the movie's worrisome themes are true today (privatizing government, militarization of the police, globalization affecting economies everywhere, the ridiculous media etc). Its also a freaking awesome action movie. I forgot how cool the death scene was at the end beginning of the movie where the evil exec accidentally kills another with his robot. Seriously, if you haven't watched Robocop in a long time, I say watch it now and be prepared to be blown away again. Sucks that the sequels are garbage though.


The Drop

Pretty good movie for how simple the story is. Tom Hardy basically plays Sean William Scott from Goon as a gangster. Dude comes off as dimwitted, yet kind, but also hides a secret darkness about him. James Gandolfini actually plays against type here as a gangster who turns out to be a big pussy in over his head. But the main reason for checking this out would be the adorable fucking dog that sets everything into motion. Tom Hardy + Cute Dog = Wet Panties everywhere. The movie does get kinda cliche'd and features way too many shots of Bob gazing off into the distance all sullen like, but whatevs. Anyway, the ending is actually really really good, even though the big event it builds up to is actually kinda small scale. All I know is after watching this, I think Tom Hardy may be the most charismatic actor around these days, and I'd watch any movie that requires him to be physical.

So I guess Bob was Keyzer Soze eh? Dude was a secret badass, albeit one with a good heart. He even gets a happy ending I think.


Inside Out

Saw it Saturday night. It was good, but overrated. I have no idea how people consider it up there with Up, Ratatouille , Toy Story 3 and Wall-E. I give it props for having a very creative storyline (albeit one that was pretty convoluted and seemingly pulled out of its ass as it went along ala Inception), but it wasn't that funny and I didn't get that emotional watching it (besides the part with Bing Bong, who steals the show and will make you cry). I guess it does a good job of teaching kids why being sad can be a good things at times, and that it helps with empathy or some shit. Whatevs.


I also saw Mad Max again, and it was fucking even better the second time around. This is probably because I saw The Road Warrior in the time since then ,and have come to understand that Max is actually a supporting force of nature in each of his movies (he's never the main focus of the plot). I have elevated my initial rating of an A- to an A, and I will be pissed if it doesn't get a Best Picture nomination come the Oscars next year.

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Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

(Thought I wrote about it in here last week, oh well). Super Solid movie. I never gave a shit about the MI franchise before, but went because the reviews were solid here. Great stunt work all around, and the girl in it should become a big time breakout star after.


Straight Outta Compton

Saw it last night, and it was way awesome. It has obvious flaws -- its one big Ice Cube wankfest in a way, plus the guy they got to play Suge Knight kinda sucks and isn't intimidating at all -- but they did a great job at showing the innate charisma each of the main 3 NWA dudes possessed, and how each of them were products of a crazy fucking environment and time period. I was worried it'd be an elaborate white washing, black & white version of their past too, but they did a great job of showing how fucked up they used to be. I was also surprised that they made Jerry Heller such a nuanced character. It's also pretty damn funny. Didn't expect to see an elaborate origin story behind the "Bye Felicia" throwaway line from Friday, or Ice Cube literally saying "Man, this shit is funny!" outloud while writing the script for Friday. I hope the guy they got to play Easy E blows up after this too, he was probably the most solid actor, with Ice Cube's kid giving the 2nd best performance. 

I don't think this movie will win awards, but it's definitely gonna be something I watch over and over again on cable.


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Straight Outta Compton ~~~B+

fun, better than I thought it would be.
This was one of the movies I wanted to see opening weekend awhile back...I just made the mistake of not seeing it in a black audience where it would be more fun. Seeing it with white people at Patriot Place? Meh.

Should inspire more biopics. It's well done.

Dude who play Eazy-E and Ice Cube (Cube's son) were great.

I laughed a bit too much during this movie.

Furious 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~A

totally fun/ridiculous
Vin Diesel getting married wearing a wifebeater in a flashback is one of the funniest moments of the year. Most moments were intentionally funny/ridiculous (Statham in the opener with the hospital; the Rock flexing to break his arm cast, etc) but that wasn't.

Love this franchise: it figured things out around Fast 4, DEFINITELY Fast 5.

American Ultra ~~~~~~~~~~~~B

-dude who wrote this, Max Landis, wrote 'Chronicle'
-it's a stoner 'Bourne' with a little 'Chuck' for sure.
-I called one plot twist pretty easily:

Kristen Stewart being involved since there's zero reason why she would be so patient or stick with some dude like that. She gets shit on as an actress but I like her a lot. She played it right and I figured she was.

Kingdom (TV show: 4 episodes in)

it's just mediiocre; it's a Showtime-level show; wish it could be better....like the MMA concept though. I figure more people might dig this than I do.
at least check out the pilot and see if you like it now that it's available.

...and watching these type of shows motivates me to have a more fit body.

Available to watch this week...

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Black Mass ~~~~~~~~~~~D

super boring and shit.

I recognized some parts of South Boston shown...a LOT has changed in the last 10 years. But it still made it look awful.

I think the book 'All Souls' would be a better point of entry into Whitey Bulger's effect on South Boston from a family point of view.

I had a feeling this movie would suck: wasn't high on the choice of director.

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I just finished Fargo Season 1

I was veerrryy hesitant because Fargo is pretty much my favorite movie. 

I decided to delve in with open arms and boy was that a good show. I honestly liked it more than True Detective Season 1. Loaded with good acting and characters. Solid story-telling. The ending was great. 

I hope Season 2 of this is better than True Detective  Season 2. That shouldn't be so hard though. 

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yeah, I've only heard great things about season 2...we'll see.

Avengers 2 ~~~~~D+
This sucked and was a big fuck you of a movie.
Probably my least favorite Avengers-related thing...Joss Whedon sounded irked a bit from things I've read; I think the movie got dicked around by higher-ups, people wanted their name/involvement put in more in sacrifice of Whedon. That blows. 

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This is a new German movie by Christian Petzold starring Nina Hoss. The 2 have worked together before on Barbara, Yella, and more. 

It was really fantastic. The only issue is that you have to suspend disbelief a bit for the main plot. It was easy enough for me. Nina Hoss is just so god damn amazing. It is a great and haunting story. A great character piece on someone surviving a concentration camp and trying to find some semblance on their former self. The movie is all about her and the theme. 

I hope Nina is recognized for this performance at the oscars, but I doubt it. 

if you haven't seen Barbara, I highly suggest that too. Petzold and Hoss are an amazing tandem. 

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Steve Jobs

fassbender was incredible, in fact all the actors were excellent, Jeff Daniels in particular was really really on his A game. The script was so well done and there was tension the entire time. Never bored for a moment. I really just don't like Danny Boyle though, so his transitions and the ending just felt so cheesy to me, as they always do (to me). Fassbender will get a nomination for this role for sure, as will Sorkin I'm betting. Overall though, I though it was just solid, nothing incredibly game-changing or overly praiseworthy. 

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San Andreas ~~~~B-/C+

disaster porn for sure...and ridiculous.
But it's a good movie, rewatchable quality, fun, casted well with the 3 leads (the Rock; Fiorna; Daddario), questionable with the Brits, right with Paul Giamatti...and ridiculous. 

Dope ~~B
the lead in this is awesome and going to be a star.

fun homage to 90s rap (golden age in my opinion that this movie shares and so does 'the Wackness')...even if it takes place in 2015.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl ~~~~~~~~~~~~A+

this and 'Dope' were 2 coming-of-age movies...this is the better of the 2.

'Me': the white lead in this is going to be a star, even if he's not traditionally good-looking the way I'd say the other 2 young leads are. Maybe the black dude, 'Earl', too.  the 'girl' is VERY Natalie Portman/Winona Ryder-y. Had crush on her since 'Bates Motel' season 1: stopped watching after S1 though. I liked all 3.

This could be 'Fault in Our Stars'-y (which I liked but it's definitely sappy)...but this is far better/earned.

co-stars Bernthal (Walking Dead; soon to be 'Punisher'), Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), Nick Offerman (Ron f'n Swanson)

the director is Wes Anderson meets Cameron Crowe.


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Man from UNCLE~~C

Vince from Filmdrunk gave it an 'A-' and said he likes it more than Mission Impossible, Bourne, and Bond, movies he didn't care much for or the genre

...yeah, this movie is just OK and just a rental. No real standout scenes or anything. I can't believe I bought the hype and bought this on XBOX as fast as I could.
I do like Guy Ritchie though.

the Gift ~~~~C
solid movie...then the 3rd act didn't do it for me.
Joel Edgerton as a director is promising though.

the Final Girls ~~~~~~~~~D+
great plot idea...but it just didn't work. I think it could have been more of a comedy and it just got stuck in the inbetween. Nothing made me laugh much.
Nice try though.

Planning on trying to watch soon...
Amy; Cartel Land; Inside Out; Magic Mike 2; Mississippi Grind; Slow West; Southpaw

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Beasts of No Nation ~~~~~B

hard watch...but some solid moments.
Idris Elba is great, little kid is too.


Southpaw ~~~~C-

Jake got in shape for this one, but it sucks.
Written by Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) and Antoine Fuqua directed (Training Day). It just blows and there's nothing special about this.
Fight scenes suck, too melodramatic, takes a good 30-40 minutes to set things up, you don't give a shit about Hoppy or whatever.

Magic Mike 2 ~~~~B+

definitely not as good as the first (no McConaughey could do that)...but still very good and better than it should be.
some of the best scenes of the year are in this movie. It's fun and I imagine it would have been great in the right packed house.

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The End of the Tour

DAMN, this was good. I had no expectations even though Lipsky's book is incredible. Segal as DFW seemed so misplaced, but it worked so well. And Eisenberg was fantastic. Definitely recommended, even if you're not familiar with DFW's writing.

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Just wanted to mention that Cassidy and I once had an argument during Breaking Bad's run where I said Aaron Paul wasn't a good actor and he went nuts.

Every time I see one of his Mazda voice over commercials where he talks like he just learned what talking is, I feel validated.  Guy isn't good.

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^you suck
yeah, I thought about that and I just had a soft spot for Aaron Paul...and I was thinking about how much Benedict Cumberpatch has just been crushing it (still think that movie he got nominated for was weak). I still have high hopes for Aaron Paul doing something great (ditto Taylor Kitsch). I think he has a show called 'the Path' coming out. We'll see.

Call Me Lucky

Bobcat Goldthwait directs this documentary that's being called his 'masterpiece' and is said to be one of the best films of the year (Filmdrunk; Drew McWeeny)

so basically it follows an ABSOLUTE legend in the Boston comedy scene who is a larger than life character, difficult person, and ahead of his time (outspoken politically). 
So a who's who of people involved in the Boston comedy scene speak a bit or knew of him outside (Steven Wright; Marc Maron; David Cross; Lenny Clarke; Bobcat; Patton Oswalt; Margaret Cho; Dana Gould)

...but something happens that I shouldn't spoil. And you find out more about him and why he is the way he is.

...and then something absolutely bigger happens.

It won't be nominated for Best Documentary but it absolutely should.

Like I heard, it's the sad clown documentary who never truly made it big...but something amazing happens.

FilmDrunk: 'A'

Mcweeny: 'A+'

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Yeah, Call Me Lucky was amazing. One of my favorite documentaries now. Any comedy fan needs to watch this. 

Did you ever go to that The Comedy Studio at Hong Kong when you were up near Harvard Square? I have gone a couple times. Pretty hit or miss, but I have seen some decent acts. I have been meaning to go more the past few years, but I just never get around to it. I saw that Jimmy Tingle guy there once. It was funny to see him in the movie. 

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The second half is really good and I was fascinated by that part of it.  Seems like a pretty incredible guy.

Having said that, I don't think he's the least bit funny and didn't laugh at any of his stuff.  And you could kind of tell from the comedians in the doc that they don't think he's funny either.

It seems like a really weird thing to say considering what the doc is about... I just couldn't stop wondering why he didn't become a writer or lawyer or something

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I never went to that Chinese food place in Harvard Square. Probably should have.
Saw Jimmy Tingle on live WTF w/ Marc Maron at Wilbur Theatre though: he was my least favorite guy on the panel with some of his political raps that are embarrassing (Maron even noted it). You can hear that recording: it's a GREAT live one and was better than the 2nd live WTF in Boston.
I'd like to see a live WTF in Boston with some combination of Lenny Clarke/Nick DiPaolo, Bill Burr, Dane Cook, Pete Holmes, Steven Wright, Dana Gould, Eugene Mirman, Gary Gulman, Robert Kelly, Denis Leary, Conan O'Brien, Joe Rogan, Amy Poehler/Mindy Kaling/BJ Novak, Mike Birbiglia, Jen Kirkman, David Cross, Louis CK, H Jon Benjamin, Doug Stanhope: Maron WAS able to get some classic Boston comics who NEVER made it big...and, yes, Barry Crimins. There;'s a TON there. David Cross/Louis would be interesting because he started with them.

Burr started with Dane/Patrice: wish Patrice was alive to get some of those stories down together. My God.
Dane gets a bad rap that is probably deserved for being a dick to people...but some people swear by him (Pete Holmes; Bill Burr and Patrice). He notoriously killed it in the Boston comedy scene and was a force of nature. He gets shit on, but it's undeniable how talented he was as a performer live

haha yeah, I get that about Crimmins NOT being funny...did have some funny stories behind the scenes though.
I wonder if Nick DiPaolo wasn't involved because of personality/political differences. Lenny Clarke is conservative...but I could see Nick clashing with Barry FAR more. And it would be understandable haha.

guys who never broke big the way they should for personality reasons...
-Patrice O'Neal (larger than life personality...didn't care/gave up on acting jobs like 'the Office' and 'Arrested Development': simply didn't care...premature death...Bill Burr always cites him as the funniest comic/person he ever knew. I think most people on this board adored Patrice that loved him on 'Tough Crowd' or hearing shit on Opie and Anthony...Louis CK said he was pissed at Patrice in remembering him on Opie & Anthony because he was JUST about to break big but never did)
-Mitch Hedberg (premature death/drug issues...but he still had classic albums)

There's some guys who do podcasts that I think are as funny as anybody who have NEVER made it
-Walking the Room: Greg Behrendt/Dave Anthony (Dave Anthony is DEFINITELY a guy who didn't make it for personality reasons PLUS stepping away for awhile)

Maron FINALLY made it with his podcast. He was a historically bad personality/drug problem haha. Glad he turned it around.

a Very Murray Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~F

yeah, this sucked. I mean, I love Bill Murray...but I didn't laugh once: first 10 minutes are fucking painfully slow.
It was a gimmicky idea with friends (Paul Schaffer, the music dude for SNL/David Letterman)
Lot of singing (Phoenix; Jenny Lewis; dude from NY Dolls; Miley Cyrus; Maya Rudolph; Jason Schwartzman, etc): I'll go on record saying I have never understood the appeal of Schwartzman
Cameos by Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, George Clooney, etc
it's just painfully slow/unfunny. Murray singing isn't good enough.

Just a LOT of hacky takes on old X-Mas songs

I guess the guy from NY Dolls was the taxi cab driver/ghost from X-Mas Past in SCROOGED, Buster Pointdexter or some shit, is the bartender

Directed by Sofia Coppola, but it had no real plan to it. and I don't care for Sofia, really either.

I probably was expecting the wrong thing

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I can see some of that crew not respecting Crimins for not being funny.  Especially the Norton, Patrice, Burr, Quinn group.  They hate comics who aren't funny or the Ivy League educated writers who are funny for shows but can't be funny when you shoot the shit with them.

They loved nothing more than embarrassing unfunny comics on Tough Crowd.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

had so much fun at this one. really liked what they did with the story and tying old/new together. pretty massive feat to try and make a movie that pleases everyone, so i'm pretty happy with what JJ pulled off. the pacing was great, but maybe almost to quick at times. and a perfect set up for the future movies. left the theater wanting more ASAP.



lots of other movies have started leaking online (Room, Carol, The Revenant this morning) so I have some viewing to do. probably going to hold out for The Revenant in theaters because it deserves it, given the cinematographer and scope. DVD screener can't do it justice on a small screen. Stoked for The Hateful Eight as well. the roadshow edition is in Irvine, about 15 minutes from where I live, so i'm going to make the trek and see it the way quentin wants it screened.  

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Cartel Land ~~~~~~~~~~~C
said to be one of the better documentaries of the year. It's not bad, I was just bored by it.

Catastrophe ~~~~~~~~~~B-
enjoyable and only 6 episodes. Very likable.

I don't like Rob Delaney as a stand-up much at all...but he's fucking great here

F is For Family ~~~~~~~~C+

could be better. Only 6 episodes. I'd like to see them come back and be better with it.

It has its moments.

Nathan is for You
it's great. I never really watch it ASAP, but when I do, I always laugh.

hoping to watch this week....
the Martian; Phoenix; Sicario

maybe catch up with 'You're the Worst'.
watching season 2 of 'Rick and Morty' and that show is consistently great/funny and balls-to-the-wall in what it does.

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I love Star Wars so much.  I've seen it twice now.  For the past year I've intentionally a voided all trailers, commercials and interviews so that I wouldn't know anything going in and I'm so glad I did.

Remakes and sequels can make you cynical but I'm really happy right now.

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Yeah did the same with Star Wars and really glad I did. Sounds like people has plot point expectations going in which I never did, and it was awesome seeing Kylo Ren play out without knowing anything about him.

Nathan For You is the best comedy on television. It's probably the best show on television at the moment. Every episode has me in tears, and there are some genuine heartfelt moments from such ridiculous moments. I love it.

F is for Family was really... not great. I love Bill Burr, but the last thing I wanted to see from him was a family sitcom, especially when the jokes rely on just swearing/cussing. I gave up after three episodes. Didn't laugh once I think.



Caught this movie on Netflix -- it was one of my recommendations. I loved it. Loved loved loved it. Basically, the premise is this (according to Netflix): "When a group of strangers is seized and awaits execution, they face the impossible task of choosing the one person among them worthy of being spared." If you've ever seen the movie Cube and enjoyed that, it reminds me a lot of that movie. Sci-fi elements and human paranoia in a closed environment. Really surprisingly fun.

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Dennis Villanueva directed this. I liked PRISONERS a lot, still need to see THE INCENDIES.
Roger Deakins kills it with the cinematography, as always. I think anybody who knows film perks up when they know he's involved with something.

Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and James Brolin bring their 'A' game.

Easily comparable to TRAINING DAY (someone naive heading into something over-the-top/possibly corrupt/over-the-line) and Michael Mann's HEAT (action sequences at times) and APOCALYPSE NOW (dread/descent into Hell)
a movie like this on the Mexican drug war feels so wildly overdue/welcome

a lot of this movie is a representation of Hell and the descent into it.

pretty wild that Deputy Chief David Hale from 'Sons of Anarchy' wrote the screenplay for this.

the Martian~~~~~~~~~~A-

loved this book, and a lot of this is like it. Just kind of a LOT of math/science involved and showing the work of it could be over-the-top in book form. And some of this book is too much of skipping through the book in parts that I wish they would have kept that would have been like 1-3 scenes.

it's a movie/book that you root for. Easily.
it's probably NOT a classic, but it would be cool if it did kind of become one: the theme of it is great...and for NASA/innovation.

Bone Tomahawk~~~C+/C

saw this because Patton Oswalt tweeted about it and it's worth looking back at his tweets while watching it afterwards. Solid movie that went straight to video. Can see why it did.
Pretty brutal violence at times

so yeah, cannibal savages are tracked down in their own territory after an abduction.
could be a B-movie, a cult one maybe; it's not ridiculous though in its plot or how it does it as I might have feared. It's definitely a western more than anything.
There's one particular scene in this movie that is sick and you'll know it when you see it. 

Movie could have been cut for time though.

Homeland: most recent season
I think I'm giving up. I don't know why I was still watching

Slow West ~~~C
80-minute movie
it's OK, but I think it's forgettable....and that includes the ending.
It's a solid debut from the director.

Ben Mendelsohn doesn't get much to do here at all.

Phoenix ~~~~~~~~F
boring and slow.
saw this because Matt had it up high on his top 3. all I have to say is FUCK YOU, MATT!
slow, boring movie. AV Club can blow me too saying it was the 2nd best movie of the year, was a masterpiece, and had the best ending. FUCK. YOU.

Edited by Cassidy

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