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The Hateful Eight

saw it last night. Meh. Probably my least favorite Tarantino. Just such a slow movie. Overly dialogue heavy, even for Quentin, and I'm a sucker for his dialogue and long, drawn out conversations. This one just missed the mark for me. Everything felt like rehashed bit of his previous films. No real shock (aside from the few jarring explosions) here. Wanted to love it, but the more I sit with it the more I realize I just didn't. And I can't imagine ever sitting through all 3 hours of that again...


The Big Short

excellent. One of the years best. Engaging characters, really well told story. Just an all around great movie

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I have been crushing about 2 movies a day for the past week or so. Here is what I have watched below. I really enjoyed a number of movies on this list, but I don't feel like writing about all of them yet. I will probably write about some when I make a best of list. I will try to watch Straight Outta Compton, Victoria, The Big Short, Hateful Eight, Trumbo, 45 Years and a few others this week. 

Mad Max: Fury Road 
Bridge Or Spies  
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Mistress America
The End Of The Tour 
99 Homes 
Sleeping With Other People
American Ultra
The Man From U.N.C.L.E 
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Heaven Knows What
Steve Jobs 

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Tangerine ~~~~~~~~~~~meh

saw it on a bunch of top 10 lists. Patton Oswalt tweeted about it praising it.
didn't care for it. I think it got a lot of love because it starred transgender actors and it was shot on cell phone. And maybe because, if you're from LA or been there, these are characters/locations you're accustomed to seeing.
Didn't think it was bad or the actors were either, just didn't care for it; felt like a waste of a night seeing it.

Results ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~just OK

like the cast (Kevin Corrigan; Guy Pearce; Colbie Smulders). Kind of a romantic comedy with comparisons to BROADCAST NEWS.
Just wasn't the 'comedy' I was looking for and too indie, in ways.
Saw it on a couple top 10 lists (Wesley Morris; Will Leitch)

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I am not sure why I even watch the Golden Globes. It boggles my mind every year. 

Lady Gaga in one of the worst shows on TV beats Kirsten Dunst in the best show on TV. Dunst was special in Fargo. The Hollywood Foreign Press is so weird.

Ricky Gervais is ruthless though. That Mell Gibson intro was crazy.

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Ted 2 ~~~F
Heard from someone who hated the original that this was funny/great: it wasn't. Had 2-3 good laughs, that's it.
Didn't like the celeb cameos either.

Star Wars ~~~B+/A-
solid/enjoyable. Harrison Ford is the shit as Han Solo even still.

unfortunately had the one big spoiler spoiled for me going in, as did my brother.
My spoiler happened on the internet

My brother's happened in the bar INSIDE the movie theatre while waiting for the fucking movie they were seeing (some loudmouth blurted out the spoiler/key character death to which my brother's girlfriend called her out for being a bitch, as did the others inside who were about to see the movie)

Sleeping with Other People ~~~B

solid/likable, but ultimately forgettable.
Heard Patton Oswalt retweet some AV Club article arguing that this should be up for Best Director or some shit. It's good, but nowhere near that good for a romantic comedy. It's an enjoyable rental though.

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Night Before ~~~~C+

just OK and a rental movie.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: 2016 election special (HULU) ~~~~~~~~~~A
85 minutes

just about the funniest and most savage thing I've probably seen since 'Borat'. Doesn't always land, but the bulk of it does. It is 'I am crying laughing!' funny.


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Best Supporting Actor is such a weak category this year. Sylvester Stallone is going to win and it's great to see him get a nice role. But the directing and Michael B Jordan steal the show. I could see myself watching this a lot.

Also, 'Southpaw' really blew. Jake came to play, but goddamn.

Didn't care for 'Fruitvale Station' so I was surprisingly blown away by the directing here. Everybody brought their 'A' game.

Big Short ~~~A

watched this twice. Super enjoyable. Dark horse to win Best Picture. If that happens? I'm all right with it, but just not what I would consider Best Movie. It's Mad fucking Max.

Steve Carell's character in this reminds me so much of my dad: angriest person I know, embarrassing, bull in a china shop personality, confrontational, outspoken, and a cause. I am none of these things.

Christian Bale's asperger's character is what I'm like at work with people I don't care to talk to. I have the headphones on and I never look them in the eyes: just stare in the center. Haha. It works. People know to fuck off.

Brooklyn ~~~A

Hits the right chords. 'Creed' and 'Big Short' were more up my alley...this was bittersweet; like watching your grandparents come to America/try to make it. 

It's not a movie I think I would return to. But I have some friends who are immigrants and moved away from their mom or dad and are young like Saiorse Ronan is here. I do wonder if they'd enjoy this/how they'd see this. And then? I would like to have hot, hot sex with them. (who the fuck is even reading this anyway? There's like, 1 post a week here now)

Room ~~~B

found the kid fucking annoying/grating. I was nearly about to fall asleep for the first hour. But then when
Still a hard watch, as I expected.

the inevitable escape comes

, I was wide awake from then on.

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10 Cloverfield Lane

i wanted to like it so much more than i did. the build up and story was really great, and for all but the last 20 minutes i thought it was a great movie. but the ending just kind of fell flat for me. can't say too much more. 

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Happy Valley seasons 1 & 2 ~~~~A-

6-episode seasons...1st season is better.

Also the main villian, Tommy lee Royce, looks like Matt Saracen.

Patton Oswalt 
Just okay; don't think it completely translated. The ending clown story is great though and worth it just for that.

I nearly tried going to the taping of this in SF: I was tempted to go...I wanted to see Chvrches @ Treasure Island Music Festival, but they were going on stage at the same time Patton Oswalt was. If that weren't the case, I do think I would have gone to SF for that excuse and seen some family/friends while there.

I saw Patton work through some of these bits when I saw him last time, I think.

Hush ~~~~A-

nice cat-and-mouse game. Simple.
Another cat-and-mouse game I'd recommend that takes this genre is 'You're Next'. That is fucking awesome, they got something ridiculous up their sleeve, and I will now follow those directors anywhere (their movie 'the Guest' is one of the best movies of 2014. So fucking fun/awesome)

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^watched Hush last night and really didn't think it was all that great. maybe I had higher expectations because of how king phrased his praise. Characters just felt so dumb to me. Definitely had its tense moments, but didn't hold my attention...

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Nice Guys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A

go see this
Shane Black is awesome, could be a Lethal Weapon series in the making. Just take my money, all of it, right now.

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the Hunt ~~~~~~~~B+

Shane Black mentioned this as one of his favorite movies recently. Definitely not like his style, but it's a foreign movie with Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal; Casino Royale).
Pretty much your worst fear: guy gets falsely accused of molesting kids, it spirals out of control

Hail, Caesar ~~~~F

I was going to be kind because I love the Coen brothers...but this is indefensibly awful.
It's confusing, not funny, scenes last way too fucking long where they are long sketches.

15 minutes passed and I was agitated by how much  wasn't enjoying this...then 30...then an hour...fuck. Just brutal and a waste of a movie. 

I guess the unnamed guy who steals the show, Alden whatever, is the new Han Solo.

This might be my least favorite Coen brothers movie. I didn't care much at all for 'Burn After Reading', 'Barton Fink', 'Intolerable Cruelty' or 'a Serious Man', but yeah, I actively hated this the more this went on.

Vince from FilmDrunk wrote a solid review where he loved it (A)
...and, typically, if Vince likes it, Mixhail will too and I noticed that in the comments. I enjoy reading Filmdrunk stuff, but I disagree with him and his tastes a lot.
Drew McWeeny liked it too (B+), but yeah, this sucked.

Point Break (2015) 

Stupid in a Fast and Furious way...but nowhere near as fun/good with the characters, so it ends up being forgettable.

when the movie ends, the song that plays is ridiculously stupid.
Action scenes/scenery is really beautiful: got that going for it....but it isn't enough.
Justin Halpern said in a podcast that in the first half-hour, there is at least 7 different extreme sports...including one stupid one where a boat had a skate ramp where people skateboarded off the boat into this massive fucking wave.

it's a rental movie to half-watch with no expectations.
I'd probably have to rewatch the original, but I get most of it.

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OJ: Made in America ~~~~A++++

one of the best things I'll see all year.
They did a FIGHT CLUB-esque flash cut on the murders where I had to pause it. That was unnecessary to do because they would show it/pause it later on...it's so goddamn fucking brutal/unreal to see what happened to the 2 victims, the stab wounds or throat slash. It's necessary to see so you can take in the viciousness of the crime, how brutal/intimate the murders were.

But it's such an important documentary to watch, unreal to see, sad, tragic...even with OJ's downfall and how fucking bizarre/sad it is.
The racial/class dynamics set up what/why happened real well. Even though I know what happened, it breaks it down in the best possible way. Nobody won, the race issues are still alive 20 years later...and class/privilege issues are wider and more pronounced. Just ugly.

It's probably going to be the best non-fiction book of the year.
It's a bummer OJ, Cochran, Darden, Kardashian weren't around to have their voices heard on it...but oh well.

OJ is a fucking psychopath. The last hour shows the lack of conscience full-beam.
Pretty cool to see this paired with FX's OJ show. As Sepinwall pointed out, they compliment each other. The scene where they redecorate OJ's house for the jury in both cases is done/told so fucking well.

Real life is stranger than fiction.

10 Cloverfield Lane ~~~B-
Solid, wasn't what I expected...then you see it could spawn a sequel. I don't think anybody expected a 'Cloverfield' related movie years later.

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13 Hours: Benghazi~~~~~~~~~~~~B

screenplay by Chuck Hogan (he wrote 'Prince of Thieves' the book which was made into 'the Town'...his book 'Devils in Exile' should DEFINITELY be made into a movie ASAP. He co-wrote 'the Strain' books with Guillermo Del Toro...and that TV show blows)

I enjoyed it...not what I expected it to be (full of propaganda and shit; playing politics...all that is left out).
It's an enjoyable action movie a la 'Lone Survivor' or 'Black Hawk Down' 
also, 'American Sniper' is a shitty movie.

You also feel the tension a bit with the 'secret soldiers' because they don't know who is 'good' or 'bad': it's just utter chaos and a clusterfuck.
The small details I enjoyed (the people nearby who were calm inside the war zone, neighbors, etc.)

It's obvious Benghazi was a made-up scandal to bring down Hillary Clinton (who I loathe). There were many things to tear her down before she ran for Presidency in 2016, but Benghazi wasn't it. I think they had, like, 17 commissions or whatever on Benghazi (4 people died) and 9/11 had, like, 2 (5000+ people died & a war with basically). And not to name that there were, like, 10+ embassies attacked under Bush...and they were blips on the radar to what Benghazi was (fell under 9/11). So sonservatives overblow Benghazi to such a dumbass degree, but liberals underplay it. It's a shitty thing that happened that never should have...and it was over a stupid ass cartoon from some amateur nobody (I would be that 99+% of Americans can't name that person)...but still: they were fucked. Nothing good or useful was going to come from those commissions.

Midnight Special~~~~~~~~~~~~B

Enjoyed this, landing isn't the best...but I'm okay with it. Did make me tear up a bit.

I enjoyed Take Shelter, loved 'Mud'...still need to see 'Shotgun Stories'

Everybody Wants Some ~~~A+

Very much on par with 'Dazed and Confused', but in college. With a little 'Animal House'
Linklater is pretty much a God.

I absolutely do NOT recognize any of the actors, but I enjoyed pretty much all of them...so I'm interested to see if anybody breaks out.
I guess Tyler Hoechner was the kid in 'Road to Perdition' so to see him here as maybe one of the breakout leads is cool....Glen Powell sticks out.

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Game of Thrones: season 6 ~~~A+++

really entering best show of all time status.
I mean, when we look back at the show and think of all the classic moments that actually fucking delivered, I don't know if another show can match it.

Veep: season 5 ~~~A+

creator left, show is fucking amazing and best comedy on TV.
Best quotes, lines, insults come from that show...the comedy comes with, like, EVERY line. It's just so damn quick.

"take off those glasses you look like Clark Kent if they dug up Christopher Reeves' corpse to play the part" -I howled at that line after all the insults made that came BEFORE that.

Silicon Valley season 3 ~~~B-
mostly half-watched the show. I thought 'Veep' should be on directly after
There's some frustration with the show I have (staying in the same place at the same time). It hasn't really moved, just goes in circles, and shit. It's just done no favors being sandwiched between GoT and Veep/John Oliver

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Green Room~~~~~~~A

Go see it. It's better if you go in blindly not knowing the premise of the movie though--I didn't get that experience, but certainly would have been cooler.

From the director of 'Blue Ruin' which was real solid...but this is better.

also HBO's 'the Night Of' has its 1st episode online early before it premieres later in July. DEFINITELY worth seeing.

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Stranger Things (Netflix; 8 episodes) ~~`B+/A-

Stephen King meets John Carpenter meets Spielberg

it's pretty fucking awesome, so fun, so well done. Go binge it.

Summer TV is pretty awesome...
-2nd season of 'Mr Robot'
-'the Night Of' is Richard f'n Price. Kind of a fictional 'Making a Murderer' miniseries in a way
-Vice Principals

'Preacher' is finding its footing

Shows I didn't care for enough
Gave up on 'Suits' , 'Ray Donovan', and 'Penny Dreadful' awhile ago...and 'Ballers' I think too now. And 'Bloodline'
Yet to watch
'Orange is the New Black'; 'Unreal'

I think I'll dive back into 'Maron' because I like Dave Anthony and Maron. Show wasn't that great, but I'll get around to it.

Coming Later
'the Get Down' (Netflix)


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This is Where I Leave You ~~~~~~~~Meh/D+

Finished the book, loved it, very Nick Hornby-ish by a writer I love...movie is a meh rental with a likable/deep cast. It took out the best parts of the book, what it did kept was REAL watered down, and surprisingly kept the best parts out of scenes. So a lot of bite was taken out of it when something more special was there. Some I get for time considerations. But yeah, schmaltzy in a way that I feared (music cues, etc). What you get is basically some straight to video quality movie.

Sing Street ~~~A-

by guy who did 'Once'. Loved that movie. Some that liked that think this is better...both involve music, but this is more fun. 'Once' is just real heartbreaking. This involves a high school band.

Pop Star ~~~~B-

wasn't as into it as I wanted to be: kind of knew the beats of it, 'Walk Hard' was surprisingly damn good. Both didn't do well in theatres, particularly this,
Tim Meadows needs to get more work. So fucked up that hasn't happened.

a scene involving wolves and a 'fuck wolves' moment was my favorite and the one scene that made me absolutely lose my shit.

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Weiner  ~~~~A-

Pretty amazing that doc got this access before/during the scandal. And they didn't stop.
Huma, as the disappointed wife, comes across pretty great however silent she is when she realizes she married such a fucking dope...and has to sit through his stupidity. And the press badgering them and being dicks (right or not)

the Night Of ~~~~~~~~A-

liked it, had some issues with it...but love Richard Price.
Show wasn't a 'joy' to watch, it was dreadful.

I knew  

the killer was the accountant.

-Duane Reed + Limo dude felt like red herrings
-the stepfather felt too obvious

the accountant was getting too much air time in weird spots and throwing off the scent....and Naz never felt completely right.

the show was mainly about how the justice system fucks you over (and your family), even if you're innocent.

Justified seasons 1 + 2 ~~~B+  /A-
season 2 is amazing and that's the show at its peak...love and miss this show.

I do wish they do more Elmore Leonard-esque shit...or a Boyd Crowder spin-off of some kind haha.

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Rick and Morty season 2

love this sow. I mean, I forget the show's episodes, but it's as good as animation comedy gets alongside 'South Park'. Laugh-out loud funny, just check out an episode, and you'll see. Super fun show.

Summer Catch ~~~~~~~~~F

Freddie Prinze JR movie. Was on HBO, took place on Cape Cod, so I thought I'd check it out. It sucked, wasn't even shot on Cape Cod. Total late 90s comedy movie that was just dog shit and not even watchable. Did introduce Jessica Biel a bit, so that's nice.

Hateful 8 ~~~A-
flawed, but fun...it's super long (nearly 3 hours) but it passes by pretty fast, even if there's shots that go on too long.
It really is the most Tarantino movie.

Samuel L Jackson, Demian Bichir, and Walton Goggins are great.

laughed hard at some parts in violence that were over-the-top and pretty predictable

Hope Tarantino keeps making movies: he wants to make 10 movies and it, which means 2 more. But he's too good.

the Lobster ~~~~~~~~~~F
it's on a lot of lists for best movies of 2016 so far. It's dog shit. 
It's inventive, creates a world you 'go with'...but it just becomes stupid, unwatchable, boring.

I don't have the comedy taste of people who say that this is a 'hilarious' movie. It's absurd, offputting, people take situations ultra serious. It just gets old.

The first 45 minutes-hour is 'most interesting'. after that, it's a TOTAL slog fest and a bore. Wasn't for me. 

the Conjuring 2 ---- A-/B+
Loved the first 'the Conjuring' and this is damn good. I love this series. If you like horror, this is good. Forgettable ultimately, but oh well.

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