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ridiculous documentary on Competitive Endurance Tickling...and it gets SHADY as fuck with the harassing/bullying guy behind it.

One of the first Dollop episodes is on this...it's one of the better ones and set the tone for the podcast for sure. They play a clip of that podcast in the beginning of the doc.


Pete Davidson

Really like Pete and laughed out loud in ways I didn't with more established comics who had specials lately (Hannibal Burress; Patton Oswalt, etc) and I saw both Patton/Hannibal on their tours and they were awesome/standout in ways that their specials didn't translate.

I've told SOME variation of the joke Pete tells about going to college and attending class with a mentally challenged person....but he takes it to another level with the anecdote he has about a certain favorite movie the person has and the other shit he does to downplay joking about a mentally challenged person.

Atlanta ~~B+
favorite new comedy, really: think it can get better.
Weird at times, and in a good way. Some breakout performances too.

the Accountant ~~~A-
Fun movie: kind of John Wick if it had a superhero-esque origin story.

I saw mixed reviews for this, but fuck that: this is fun.

Luke Cage ~~~C
You see one Netflix series in the Marvel universe (Jessica Jones; Daredevil), you've seen them all.

13 episodes each, 1 hour: each series could stand to be cut in half. Seasons/episodes go on for far too long.

Central Intelligence ~~~D
Not funny. I only rented this shit because they shot some scenes by my workplace.

Birth of a Nation ~~~D
Yeah, fuck this movie. Boring/lame and nothing stands out about it.

I had a date with somebody to see this and I didn't want to see it: she's black and she wanted to see it and I had bad feelings about it since I don't care for these types of movies...as a white dude, it would be like me wanting to see a movie about the Holocaust, Potato Famine, or Great Depression or some shit. Just depressing/boring shit.

Kyle Kinane: Loose in Chicago
Fun hour.

Black Mirror season 3

awesome show...'San Junipero' is one of the better episodes of the show.
Even the episodes that don't work or seem to be 'mixed' I liked.

Episode 2 with Wyatt Russell is just a damn good performance by Wyatt. He seems like he's going to be a star. That and 'Everybody Wants Some'.
Episode 6 is basically an X-FIles-y episode: I enjoyed that one.
I think I saw Adam liked Episode 3 the most.

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Final episode is an 'A'. It's worth watching to get to that episode. It just isn't the most fun show, but it's incredibly well-done.

I think guys that used to post on here (Chase; Matt) with more refined/patient tastes will dig this show far more than I did, but agree on the last episode.

Don't Breathe ~~~~B-

it's watchable trapped in a house with a madman story.

I get the mysogyny criticism, but I still enjoyed it fine enough.

Hell or High Water ~~~~~~~C

Wasn't really as good as I was hoping.
From the screenwriter of SICARIO, which is the fucking shit.

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Dave Chappelle: SNL ~~~A-

So good to have him back. Great opening monologue.
Tribe Called Quest was genuinely good.

Does not excuse having Donald f'n Trump host the show a year ago.

WIsh SNL would have comics host more often (Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, Pete Holmes, Hannibal Burress, Key & Peele, Kyle Kinane, the Broad City girls, John Oliver, Kumail Nanjiani, Mike Birbiglia, John Mulaney) rather than who's 'hot' when there's been some really weak fucking hosts. You shouldn't HAVE to be on the level of Louis CK, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Dane Cook to be able to host it. I mean, Burr is on another fucking level right now and sold out Madison Square last year. I doubt he'll have a big movie/TV show, but he's been flat-out better/funnier than anybody for awhile now....and Mulaney/Hannibal were on the SNL writing staff.


Arrival ~~~B+/A-

Love Denis Villeneuve (Sicario; Prisoners). His movies just look damn good, some Robert Deakins cinematography
I still need to check out 'Incendies'. Guess he's directing the 'Blade Runner' movie and maybe a sequel to 'Sicario'

It's an emotional movie with aliens. Can be 'slow'-ish, but it looks damn good and is simple-ish. Some shades of Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar', in a way, I think you might find.

I heard Vince Mancini on the Frotcast say he liked it fine, but not liked it as much. Because it's not totally original or whatever. Villeneuve is basically a best of Aranofsky, Fincher, Coen brothers, Ridley Scott kind of guy. That's fine by me.

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Search Party 

just ok/mildly amusing
Hipster mystery for missing former collge roommate...I think others might like it more than me, but I think people liked it FAR more than I did.

Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds (HBO)
Some great laughs. I don't know how his Judd Apatow produced HBO show will do...but he's a fucking star. So goofy, so naturally funny. His podcast can REALLY crack me up at times.

Ghostbusters ~~~F

Fucking awful. Got a ton of irrational hate BEFORE it came out from assholes...but..even with guys, this would have been a tire fire.
Bill Murray was in it and I was like, "oh, great...finally a funny scene is going to come!" and it ends up being one of the worst scenes in the movie.
Hemsworth's character is so fucking irritating. I want to fire Paul Feig into the sun. None of this was a good idea from a screenplay standpoint, tonally. They didn't make the women funny and they are all funny.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them ~~~~C-

I mean, it looks cool in theatres...but, on some real shit, fuck Eddie Redmayne. Why is he a thing?

Also, my movie going experience for this sucked...saw this with my cousins last week in a packed theatre.
My 5  foot 250+ pound cousin (22-YO college student who's basically doubled her weight since college) was drinking beforehand, ate Mexican, smoked cigarettes...she fucking stank. It sucked. That and watching her be a mess (sexually, drugs, alcohol, weight), waddling when she walks (YOU ARE 22!), and being a hot/dramatic mess even over simple shit (eating a restaurant, sitting down for a movie and annoying the waiter to get her shit EVERY time she came around the table/dropping phone mid-movie in the seats in front of us and bothering them to get her phone). I kept turning to her sister who was equally disgusted and being like, "WTF?!"...so yeah, I don't think I liked this movie, but I wanted to leave basically the whole time I was there because my cousin sucked.

War Dogs ~C
Just okay. Can see it being rewatchable, in a way. Steals from GOODFELLAS quite a bit, but whatever. Fat Jonah Hill is fun.


-Westworld -just ok; not totally attached to it, others like it more than I do. It's definitely epic in an HBO way
-Shooter (USA)-Ryan Philippe/Omar Epps. Movie was OK and this is just a typical paint-by-numbers drama. Does nothing special, but I can dig it fine.
-South Park -it has sucked this season.
-Shameless -meh. Just end the show already.
-Pitch -it's okay, has issues, but it's solid for a network show. It almost definitely will get canceled, but I'm OK. I dig the lead and vaguely reminds me of a girl I go out with sometimes. And Mark-Paul Gossellar is damn good.

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Meh-ish. The mystery was predictable and everything was set up fine the way they ended it, but it missed a couple pieces with Anthony Hopkin's character (Sepinwall kind of pointed that out)...it's watchable because it's HBO and epic and looks better than most of TV...but it's soulless. I never attached myself to any characters.
I never saw 'Westworld' the movie, but I guess season 1 is just a prequel to what happens at the very end of last night's episode basically.

I laughed at Bill Burr talking about the show in the podcast, his story about how he tried to buy the rights to it in the mid-2000s and offering a small amount of $ (like, $20k) only to realize it was worth millions which he did not have.

Sweet/Vicious (MTV)
Bryan Cranston's daughter is the lead (the green-haired punk-ish girl). Kind of fun series taking on college sexual assault and then becoming Batman/Robin about it

Don't Think Twice ~~~~~~~~~~~~C
did a solid job with the characters' personal lives, the jealousies, and struggles of trying to make a dream come true.
I just thought it was OK at best.

The problem is it's not a funny movie. It's kind of like Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60" show where they try to create funny scenes, but it ends up being the worst thing about the movie...but yeha, it's heartfelt movie about the relationships everybody has.

I liked Gillian Jacobs and Key the most of the cast.

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solid Netflix documentary (I hear this and 'I Am Not Your Negro') are great docs; I prefered 'Weiner' more because it's so surreal, has so much insider access to something it should NOT have had. And it's super revealing.
...but '13th' is a more important subject matter. It's persuasive.

The Dollop podcast, I listened, touched on some of the issues...and how awful/corrupt government institutions are: FBI, CIA, gov't in general: mentioned briefly Fred Hampton, a Black Panther, and how the government assassinated/murdered him in cold blood and how he could have been one of America's biggest stars, a born leader.

Manchester by the Sea~~~~A

This one is sticking with me. Beautiful, heartfelt, devastating, perfect movie. It's honest.
...but it's also a dry comedy. You find out halfway through WHAT the tragedy is. And when you do, it makes sense and is worse than you could have imagined.
it's Casey Affleck's best performance over 'Assassination of Jesse James...' and 'Gone Baby Gone'. He's perfect. It's a character-based movie and it just gets worse, in ways, for Casey's character. I can't imagine anyone else winning Best Actor.
The editing is amazing with how they do the flashbacks, how quick the scenes are.

Also, being from rural Massachusetts, it NAILS accurately how beautiful it is in a really bleak way in the winter, what the towns are like outside Boston and closer to the coasts....and, like all Boston movies, how fucking white it is. The shots of the town/setting are great.

It's a masterpiece for Kenneth Lonergan.

Michael Che (Netflix special)

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the Nice Guys

watched it twice. It's a fucking tragedy that this movie did NOT do well enough in theatres because it should have immediately been signed on for 4 more sequels.
It might be my favorite movie of the year and the one I enjoyed the most.

Batman vs Superman (extended uncut: 3 hours 30)
Suicide Squad

Both these movies sucked. 
Jared Leto can die in a fire.

The 'MARTHA' scene in Batman is laughably bad as a 'twist'.
Enchantress' dancing in Suicide Squad is so dumb...Honest Trailers shit on that well.

I am interested/hopeful for Ben Affleck's Batman stand-alone movie since he's writing/directing it. At least it's not Zach Snyder.

Jungle Book

it's fine, but forgettable. Can see kids enjoying this more.

Just wish this show would end. Cast is fine, but it's hard to watch characters suffer aimlessly a la 'Sons of Anarchy': where you just create new issues.

Star Wars: Rogue One
Just okay, but forgettable.

I don't care for JJ Abrams or the way 'Star Wars' does things: it could be SO much better. It looks impressive, but the characters/storytelling? Meh.

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the Hunt for Wilderpeople

It's an okay adventure comedy. Sam Neil and the kid are solid.
I can see this sneaking in on some people's top 10 lists, but I don't think it's that good. I enjoyed a 2013 movie like 'Kings of Summer' better that was kind of similar.

American Honey
long at 3 hours, but it's kind of Harmony Kormine-ish or whatever movie that I didn't like that came out with gangster James Franco.
Like Filmdrunk said, it's Juggalo Kerouac and white-trash underclass.

Movie is more about feels...can't say I loved it or would return to it, but it was okay.

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La La Land

took me 30 minutes to warm up to get into this movie

I laughed hearing the Frotcast podcast saying that someone watched this movie...
-a friend went on a date with somebody to see this...and the guy was crying during the movie and left 30 minutes in...girl texts where he goes 15-20 minutes later...he said he was crying because he was having a panic attack because the movie was so gay. I UNDERSTAND THAT!!!

I went with somebody who had no idea that the movie was a musical and she kept looking at me like, "WTF?!?", facepalmed, and upset anytime it went into a musical or she called that they were going to start tap-dancing....but I looked over her 60-80 minutes in and she was clearly smiling/loving the movie big time.

...I didn't like it as much though. It was okay, I didn't care for the music at all and didn't think it was good/memorable...but I liked the story fine.
I do understand Filmdrunk's comparison as 'Inside Llewyn Davis' meets 'Brooklyn' or 'Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind' and marriage of romance/art and sacrifice.

I just enjoy other movies far more. And 'the Nice Guys' was a better movie even if I think this movie had a better ending ('Nice Guys' 3rd act=not as good, but I still enjoyed it so damn much)

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Had a weird Mel Gibson weekend...

Hacksaw Ridge
-when I first saw the trailer and Andrew Garfield's accent, I thought it was fake. But yeah, the real guy did kind of sound like that
-Vince Mancini (FilmDrunk) described the first 20 minutes feeling like a fake movie trailer from 'Tropic Thunder'

Still, it's a forgettable movie and weird to see it up for Best Picture.

Blood Father

Vince Mancini (Filmdrunk) said this was basically what 'Taken' should be. It's in the genre. I only saw the first 'Taken' movie: it's flawed, but rewatchable like 'John Wick' (which is far more superior, inventive, tight, fun, and has a humor).

I still need to check out 'Apocalypto'. I hear that's amazing/underrated and have seen it on many lists for Best Movies of the 21st century.

Tom Segura-'Mostly Stories'
Joe DeRosa-'You Let Me Down'

I enjoyed DeRosa's special more...even if his stage painting backdrops were stupid.


Legion (pilot)
it's the shit. 
Created by Noah Hawley (Fargo) and he directed the first episode. Far better than it should be.

'the OC' meets 'Twin Peaks' 
I enjoy it more than most would: it's Dark Archie

Jughead is awful though...it's one of the twins from 'Big Daddy' grown up.

Young Pope
Only watched the first episode, but people are either really loving it or hating it.
I was meh about the first episode.

It's only OK. Kind of stupid, but oh well.

OK first episode.

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yeah, this sucked.

"Tom Hardy in Taboo always walks like he just finished a gnarly leg day." -Joe Sinclitico

Lethal Weapon: season 1
2 episodes left. It's entertaining/watchable

guy who plays Martin Riggs is really great. If he sucked, the show would really fucking suck. 
But 18 episodes in a season? And each episode is a stand-alone? Lame. I mean, I binged it and enjoyed it...but I want a season-long arch to follow.

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Making History (FOX: 2 episodes in)

Adam Pally (Happy Endings), Leighton Meester and created by Phil Lord + Chris Miller (Lego Movie; 21 Jump Street; Last Man on Earth; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

it's real damn fun. Time Travel comedy.

Crashing (HBO: Pete Holmes/Judd Apatow: 4 episodes in)
It's just OK. I don't know if it will see a 2nd season.

Feud (FX: 2 episodes in)
just OK so far. Not totally hooked, but it's solid/well-done. I have ZERO familiarity with Joan Crawford/Bette Davis or the movie 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?'

the Americans (FX: season 5: 2 episodes in)
still solid/good.  2 seasons left in the show.

Big Little Lies (HBO: 4 episodes in)
still waiting for it to really hook me, but not really so much yet. It's leading up to a murder, I guess, that they tease in the opening episode.

Review-coming back on Thursday; legit one of best comedies ever

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